Cooking Classes

At an altitude of 10,000 feet, the nights are too cold and the weather is too unpredictable for the traditional crops of corn, beans, and squash although the daily diet for most Guatemalans is corn (in the form of tortillas) and beans. The most common crop in the highland region is potatoes which are not a traditional food for Guatemalans. Along with many other non-traditional crops grown in the greenhouses, we teach them how to prepare and cook these foods in ways that are nutritious, safe and will be enjoyed by the entire family. These include a wide variety of potato dishes (including a traditional tamale using potatoes instead of corn called a Pache), radishes, beets, tomatoes, fruits, avocados, etc. We have even had a group make paches to sell as a fundraiser for a community project. They sold out all they could make and made an excellent profit. This was a great help for the project.