You can make a difference by donating to Seeds of Help Foundation. All of the donation will go towards educating Mayan women and children. As well as improve the quality of their life with with water tanks, school lunches, and other life changing projects.

You can donate by mailing a donation to

Seeds of Help Foundation, Inc
1077 Fox Hill Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46228

Or by emailing

Seeds of Help Foundation, Inc. (EIN 35-2135341) is a section 501(c)(3) tax exempt private operating foundation.

Donation Information

All donations go either to fund current projects, or to our endowment to support future work. The directors, volunteers, and management do not receive any salary for the work they do for the foundation. The staff who we employ in Guatemala are all Guatemalan citizens and receive a fair salary for the work they perform.

Part of our goal is to share with interested groups our experiences working with the Guatemalan people on our development project. This also supports fundraising for our work.

Seeds of Help Foundation has no religious affiliations. It does not support, encourage, or allow any religious or political proselytizing in association with our work. Seeds of Help does receive and appreciates support from many civic and religious groups as well as from individuals.

We wish to thank all our contributors. Their support enables us to continue our work and help the needy, deserving, appreciative people we serve. While we thank all our contributors, we will only list publicly those donors wishing to be named.