Each year we try to make two excursions with groups. The first is with the preschool children and parents. Many of these kids (and many of the parents) have never before left their villages and it is the first time they have seen a city of any type. We have taken the group to the National Zoo, governmental buildings in the Capital, Museums, and Mayan historical sites. They have also gotten to meet with the mayor of their department. When they return from these excursions, the participants are eager to tell the older kids, friends, and families about what they have seen.

The second excursion is with a few select members of the women’s groups. Again many of these people have never been farther than the nearby city of Huehue , and some no further than the local markets. Our favorite trip with these women has been to the ocean, which was something these women had never imagined. Truly this is a moving experience for everyone involved. This also gives the women’s groups a chance to mix and get to know each other. They can share experiences as well as discuss issues that they are all facing. They get to encourage each other and find out about other subjects that their own group might be interested in learning.

School at mayan ruins | Womens group going to the ocean for the 1st time