School Development

We have run a preschool in Canton Cuatro Caminos since 1999. Our first preschool teacher was Brenda Velasquez. This was her first position working for us. She now is in charge of all Seeds of Help Foundation operations in Guatemala. This preschool class provides the young children in the village their first foray into the educational system and get them excited about education. We use this opportunity to encourage creativity, hand washing, dental hygiene and many other simple items that are often taken for granted in more developed areas.

In our first classes I, Walter Able, would walk over in the morning to sit, talk and play with the kids. At first they were unsure and some were terrified of both school and me. They didn’t know how to sing, color or paint. They also didn’t know how to talk with an adult. Today, though I only get to visit once or twice a year, they are all excited and know my name and chatter away.

With our involvement in the school we also began to supply materials for the other students. Books, paper, posters and other supplies have truly changed what this school has to offer. Most classrooms have three grades in one classroom with the teacher standing in front of the class reading from a book and the students sitting and writing in their own books. We have gotten the community and teachers involved with the students and school and have seen many beneficial changes throughout the school.

Girl getting her first supplies | Teacher playing with students